Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest inventors and visionaries of all time, was born on July 10, 1856. His birthday is celebrated as a tribute to his immense contributions to the field of electrical engineering and his remarkable inventions that shaped the modern world.

  1. Tesla had an eidetic memory: Tesla possessed a photographic memory, allowing him to recall images and entire books with incredible accuracy. He could visualize his inventions in great detail before constructing them.

Facts about Nikola Tesla:

2. Tesla had an intense aversion to germs: Tesla had a strong fear of germs and became obsessed with cleanliness. He would use a large number of napkins to thoroughly clean his dining table and utensils and would often refrain from shaking hands with others.

3.Tesla had a unique fascination with pigeons: Tesla had a deep admiration for pigeons and developed a special bond with them. He would feed and care for injured pigeons, claiming they inspired him and that he could communicate with them.

4. Tesla’s love for solitude: Tesla was known to prefer solitude and would often work alone for extended periods. He believed that spending time in solitude allowed him to tap into his creativity and concentrate on his inventions.

5. Tesla conducted experiments on resonance with his Manhattan laboratory: Tesla’s laboratory in Manhattan, New York, was located on a site where he conducted experiments on resonance. He built a large mechanical oscillator that caused vibrations so powerful that they reportedly caused nearby buildings to shake.

6. Tesla’s obsession with the number 3: Tesla had an unusual obsession with the number 3 and was known to perform activities in sets of three. He would often walk around a building three times before entering and had a habit of staying in hotel rooms with numbers divisible by three.

7.Tesla predicted the smartphone and wireless communication: In the early 20th century, Tesla envisioned wireless communication and even predicted the concept of a handheld device that would allow people to communicate with each other wirelessly, similar to today’s smartphones.

8. Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower: Tesla designed the Wardenclyffe Tower, an ambitious project intended to provide wireless communication and transmit free energy to the world. However, due to funding issues, the tower was never completed and eventually demolished.

9. Tesla’s contributions to X-ray technology: Tesla made significant contributions to X-ray technology and conducted pioneering research in this field. He developed a high-frequency generator that produced X-rays and was the first to capture X-ray images of the human body.

10. Tesla’s rivalry with Thomas Edison: Tesla’s rivalry with Thomas Edison is well-known. They had contrasting views on the use of alternating current (AC) versus direct current (DC). Edison advocated for DC, while Tesla championed AC as a more efficient and practical system for electricity distribution.

These lesser-known facts highlight some intriguing aspects of Nikola Tesla’s life and character, showcasing the depth of his genius and eccentricities.

Nikola Tesla, the renowned inventor and scientist, did not write any books during his lifetime. However, several books have been published about Tesla, compiling his writings, lectures, and ideas. These books provide insights into his life, inventions, and philosophies. Here are some notable books related to Nikola Tesla available on Amazon :-

“My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla”

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“Tesla: Man Out of Time” by Margaret Cheney :-

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